2/19/2008 3:49:51 AM, 10:49

Value Proposition


Characterized by a high allocation to Vietnam Equity (both listed and OTC), MVFPF1 will invest in a diversified portfolio with progressive style; mainly focus in equities of companies operating in Vietnam, with high quality earnings growth and long term potential which have:

  • Good opportunity of growth after the WTO accession: integrity, transparency, and position in their relevant markets;

  • Good corporate governance: strong senior management, solid business strategies and sound balance sheets.

Value to our clients:

  • A well diversification portfolio to optimized the return with minimum risk: Investors can enjoy the diversification from MVFPF1 without huge investment money required.

  • Effective Investment from the growth value of the selected stocks in Vietnam, focusing on growing.

  • Services from professional Fund Management Company. Our team is including the high qualification managers, global and local experience, keen intelligent and effectively manage clients’ money.

  • Provide clients with high transparent and updated information with highly frequent and periodically.

  • Investors are well protected through the transparency, well corporate governance, clear prospectus, fund charter , periodically reports and supervised by independent and high reputation bank to ensure the compliance of investment activities